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Don’t let anyone manipulate the truth

What could happen or what is happening without

The economic, political and ideological powers that sustain the media have direct repercussions on the truth. goes beyond interests, politics and ideologies.

  • Political manipulation
  • Environmental knowledge manipulation
  • Ideological manipulation

Help the Earth be herself

All objective documentation about reality must be preserved, in an inmutable way, independently of interests, politics or ideologies.


High technology blockchain to store and prevent information loss.


Easy to search and consult, with a unique and unchanging address for each document and organization.


Documents protected against manipulation, changes or censorship.

Be the dot that creates impact

We all are dots, be part of it. Be the link between the earth and the archive. Be the dot that creates impact. Put the earth safe by archiving your data. Protect your data, protect the earth, our dot in the universe, the only one that we have.


Submit data of any kind and protect it from being lost, manipulated or censored.


Free access to anyone curious seeking for reliable and uncensored information.


Enhance the reliability of trust by empowering experts.

The Earth archived, a mirror of the reality.

A digital file accessible to all and frozen in time.

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